Dr. D's Super 7™ enhanced topical pain relief roll-on. For relief of muscle, joint and arthritic pain, inflammation and minor backaches. Dr. D's Super 7™ patent pending triple carrier system delivers targeted relief to the sources of your pain without the burden of extra pills that are absorbed into your bloodstream.

7 Effective Natural Ingredients

Eucalyptus Analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature. Recommended to patients suffering from rheumatism, backaches, sprains/strains, stiff muscles, joint pain and nerve pain.

Arnica Montana Alleviates pain and swelling associated with bruises, sprains/strains and arthritis in addition to healing wounds.

MSM:(Methylsulfonylmethane) MSM helps to decrease joint inflammation and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid, tendonitis, bursitis, muscle cramps, therebyimproving movement.

Peppermint Helps to remove pain from affected areas. In addition, stimulating effects of peppermint oil increase blood flow, increasing delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the injured area.

Menthol Analgesic, counterirritant, increases circulation and muscle relaxant.

Oil of Wintergreen (Methyl Salicylate) Wintergreen oil is an analgesic (pain relief) and anti-inflammatory effects. It is also a counterirritant and distracts you from feeling aches/pains deeper in your muscles, joints and nerves.

Omega-3 Oil Contains ALA(ALPHA-LINOLENIC Acid) which reduces inflammation, joint pain, stiffness associated with conditions such as arthritis/rheumatism thereby improving mobility.


Doctor designed and approved high-density memory foam with it's own hoodie for extra comfort and privacy.
Dr. D's Super 7™ has powerful natural ingredients for fast effective relief of muscle, joint and arthritic pain, inflammation and minor backaches. Paraben and PEG free

What People Say

Some Words from Our Happy Customers



  • Doc, Thanks again for the Dr. D’s Super 7TM. This stuff has seriously reduced pain in my right thumb, which is arthritic. Deeply appreciated.


    Bill King, NewsTalk1010, Pianist/and co-host

  • Super 7 is superior to other muscle and joint products I have used. Unlike other products I have tried, I can feel confident that Super 7 incorporates powerful natural ingredients that are safe on my skin. Super 7 is absorbed quickly, noticeably penetrating the muscle tissue and joints with warm and comforting sensations, eliminating stiffness and pain. In addition to the fast acting relief felt after applying Super 7, what I like most about this product is the pleasant smell that lingers long after the product is applied. The relaxing, soothing smell is effective if I am trying to rest an injury and can be energizing when attempting to carry on with my day. I feel the lasting effects of Super 7 long after it is first applied in comparison with other products that simply sit on the skin.


    - Courtney

  • Dear Dr. Di Stefano, just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much your Super 7 cream helped me last week with my terrible headache. I would rate my pain that day at 8.5/10. After application on the neck and forehead, I felt almost instant relief of the heavy, painful fogginess across the eyebrows. The heat on the neck was so soothing and within half hr, I would say my pain level decreased to a 3/10. Neck area felt a lot looser as well. Looking forward to when I can take home a bottle of your amazing new product. Thanks again for all your help, from a very happy patient!


    - Debbie B

  • I have had cronic neck pain for the last 5 years and have a hard time turning my neck to either side without getting dizzy. Nothing seems to help relieve the tension in my neck. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sample of super 7. I didn't have much faith that this product would relieve my stiffness and pain as I have tried various products and techniques in the past. After applying the product my neck went through a series of hot and cold temperatures. Within 20 minutes I felt like a new person. The first time in years I was actually able to have a full range of motion in my neck. This is one product I can never live without. I can't wait to see what else it does.


    - Margaret Z

  • As a patient with you & the miracles you have physically performed on this old body has been amazing. So when I heard about your creation & the length of diligent time you spent on producing this product to get it “right” I admit I was a little sceptical. At 78 I still play doubles tennis 4-6 hrs a week. One day, after a strenuous game with some under 50 players for 2 hours, my lower back was very sore, as was the side of my right foot on the outside so, I thought I would apply some Super D and see if it worked on feet as well - my foot pain was gone, without any exaggeration, in 4-6 seconds. My back took a lot longer, about 90 seconds.

    I could not believe how fast, effective & long lasting it was. I always recover from the pain & regain normal comfort quickly whenever I need it by using Super D. I will highly recommend this to anyone suffering muscular pain or soreness. Thank you so much. Sincerely


    - David T

  • Dr. Di Stefano; I wanted to write and thank you for introducing me to your Super 7 ointment. As you know, I have a variety of muscle and joint problems and have tried many forms of relief. I found that Super 7 lasts longer and seems to penetrate deeper into the sources of pain than other ointments I've tried. It doesn't just feel warm on the surface, it feels as though it is working in the muscles and joints themselves. I have mentioned Super 7 to others and will continue to recommend it as a superior product.


    - Glen S

  • Just wanted to write you about your super 7 lotion you have been using on me and please feel free to share and use this with other patients.As you know I've said the shoulder injury/ strain I have suffered has been really painful and aching. Especially the first day. I've noticed a huge difference when you apply the lotion to my shoulder when I leave . The aching is less and is really soothing making it easier to function normally for the rest of the day.I like the fact that it smells really good too , not like some other creams I've used that smell like alcohol and burn my eyes when I apply it.. it actually lasts too!.It's warm when it goes on and I can actually feel it absorbing and going deep into my muscles . Other creams and lotions work great for a few minutes but I can tell it just on top of my skin and not going in deep.The cooling sensation it gives after about 10-20 mins really calm down the aggravated treatment area as well.Great work!!!


    - Matt C

  • At the age of 22 I was afflicted with crippling back pain that took weeks for me to regain mobility to be able to make it to help myself. Years later, after many tests, it was revealed that I had bulging disks in my lower spine. Because of my age, surgery was out of the question because there was a 50/50 chance the surgery may make things worse. Over the years many therapy options taught me how to monitor and manage the flare-ups to make them more tolerable. However, every once in a while the crippling pain came back. Anti-inflammatories presented side effects that were just an unacceptable risk for me and pain killers did little to subside the pain. I also feared they would only numb the pain and enable me to do activities that would exacerbate the issues. Essentially, I am rarely out of pain and there is a constant reminder that if I move incorrectly I will suffer for it. I have tried every pain relief cream under the sun to help me andbut it was to no an avail. When I was presented with Dr. D’s Super 7 Pain Relief Cream, I thought one more cream couldn't hurt to try. Within 1 to two minutes I could feel a change taking place. The pain was subsiding. 5 minutes later, the pain was gone and I could not feel the pending pain should I move incorrectly. The relief lasted longer than I could possibly have expected and worked well into the morning. I woke up with no inflammation and the pain was gone. I had to try it again to see if it was true. I have never had relief for such a long period of time so I have to believe that this cream actually reduced the swelling in my disks. The constant pain of sciatica was finally gone after 27 years.Thank you for letting me experience this exceptional product.


    - Phaseal F

  • I have been a patient of Dr.DiStefano for a few years now and he has been a life changer for my overall health. I work as a full time firefighter, am a competitive powerlifter on the side and suffer from chronic back issues and other injuries from heavy lifting and putting my body through constant stress. Dr. DiStefano’s new Super 7 cream is by far and wide the best topical muscle/joint pain relief around and is far above all others in terms of quality and efficacy! Whatever pain you may have the combo of warm/cool relief and top notch ingredients will be sure to bring relief to any muscle or joint pain. I have a bottle in my gym bag, my locker at the fire station and at home, and is something I can always count on to relieve my pain after a long day at work or grueling gym session.


    - Andrew T

  • I was suffering with nerve damage pain and unable to tolerate any touch or movement. I was on prescription medication and not feeling relief. When Dr. DiStefano applied the cream I immediately felt warmth and a relaxation feeling. It penetrated deep into the area and I actually felt the pain subsiding almost immediately. The relief lasted well into the day. I am looking forward to being able to use this cream knowing that it relieves my pain and is localized specifically to the area I need rather than pills that are not working and have side effects throughout my body.


    - Diana P

  • I recently went indoor skydiving and had experienced major neck pain. I went to my chiropractor the following day for a visit and he had applied the super 7 pain cream on my neck area.It was the most powerful cream I have ever used and the instant relief I experienced was incredible. This cream is truly magical and love the fact it’s all natural and easy to use.This product will definitely be in my household to help ease any pain when needed. I now know why it’s called Super 7.


    - Anna L

  • I have been suffering from migraines for decades and have had to take strong migraine medication to help me get through the day. Dr. Di Stefano applied Super 7 to the base of my neck and forehead during my last migraine episode and within an hour I felt relief and did not have to take my migraine medication that evening! Love this product...and the smell!


    - Allison F

  • I am a chiropractor who has had the privilege of applying Dr.D’sSuper 7 to patients during and after treatment. It absorbs into the tissues easily (withouy leaving a greasy film) and the anti-inflammatory effects are palpable during the course of a half-an-hour treatment. I have found it helpful in relieving muscle tension, nerve and joint irritation. Patients also report the soothing heating and cooling sensation provides hours of relief after treatment. Especially considering the all-natural ingredients, I highly recommend this product for use by patients at home, and practitioners in a clinical setting!


    - Dr. Daniella Astorino

  • "Super 7 is fantastic! It reduced my soreness after just 1 application. I want more!"


    - Anonymous (patient with post- wrist fracture pain)

  • About a month ago my 7 year old son started limping for no apparent reason. He was having severe pain in both of his shin/knees. Xrays and blood tests found nothing wrong with him but he was barely able to go up and down the stairs. I was relentless and tried everything from acupuncture to herbal medicines. I was introduced to Dr. D’s Super 7. After applying it he immediately began to feel better. Within 2 days of regular applications, my son was back to normal. Super 7 is now something I won't be without. It even helps with my daughter’s headaches!!!!!!!


    - Happy patient & mother

  • I tore my MCL playing soccer and after a few weeks I was still feeling extremely uncomfortable. My knee was tight, swollen and ached. Dr. D's Super 7 provided instant relief that lasted for hours after applying. I have tried so many spot treatments in the past and nothing compares to this. It was the first time I felt that a topical treatment was actually helping address the immediate aches and the overall healing of my injury.


    - Amanda C